Ford fans in for a treat

I think I’m on safe ground when I say that you, like me and millions of other movie buffs, will be counting the days until we get to clap our eyeballs on the latest instalment in the Indiana Jones story.

Ever since Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark burst onto big screens around the world in 1981 global audiences have been hungry for more adventures of the swashbuckling, whip-wielding American archaeologist in the leather jacket and big hat.

In the past 41 years three more Indiana Jones films have been made with the last premiering in 2008, so fans have waited a long time for the latest instalment and are no doubt yearning to see Harrison Ford on screen delivering his entire repertoire of three trademarked facial expressions.

The fifth movie in the Indiana Jones franchise has been shot at various locations and just a few months ago filming wrapped in Scotland where Glasgow’s city centre doubled for scenes set on the streets of New York.

The movie, as yet untitled, is set for release in June next year and much speculation is centring on the script and storyline, but most particularly on who will play Indiana’s love interest in the film.

Popular and successful British actor and writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge is one of the headline names signed to the project so many fans and industry observers believe a romance between Indiana and her character may be on the cards.

I’m picking up a lot of insider chatter about the character of soon-to-be 80 Harrison Ford, pictured above on set, embarking on a tryst or more with Ms Waller-Bridge (inset) who just happens to be less than half his age.

As always any on-screen age difference disappears under the spell of some Hollywood magic and fans of Harrison Ford will know that throughout his career – and the careers of many male actors – age is no barrier for scriptwriters wanting to rustle up some on-screen chemistry between big name stars.

I just hope that Harrison Ford survives until the premiere and that the film’s producers see a big box office return, given what I am told have been the extraordinarily high budget for his stunt doubles needed to do many of the activities now deemed far too risky for Mr Ford himself – like walking, standing up, and getting in and out of vehicles.