Say it again, Sam

A simple brainfade from one of the nation’s finest political scribes? Force of habit maybe? Or a sad case of wishful thinking? We’re no psychologists but some form of pathetic implausible denial?

For whatever reason, News Corp’s political editor Samantha Maiden prompted the Twitterverse to think she had taken a step back from reality with a couple of tweets earlier in the week with a time stamp that suggested she first posted them after Anthony Albanese had been sworn in as prime minister and Jim Chalmers had also signed on as the nation’s Treasurer.

The Twitterverse rightly or wrongly quickly rounded on Ms Maiden for still calling Scott Morrison the PM and declaring that Josh Frydenberg was still the nation’s chief pollie bean counter.

Ex, Samantha. Ex in both cases, they chided. It’s no biggie but facts are important. Being factual makes you look good.

The MGH has always believed that even when using Twitter, the nation’s top scribes do their reputation no harm at all if they get their facts 100 per cent right. The grammar too. It’s good practice for when doing their paid stuff.

Over the years, there was a certain politics scribe working in the mainstream who frequently stuffed up when twittering. We at the MGH could not be blamed when we started to suspect he or she had a major drinking problem or for some bizarre reason never bothered with a quick readover of what he or she had feverishly tweeted, often late at night.


Now here’s an item we just know we’re going to cop flak over but have we ever cared?

Can we just say that while we loved watching Andrew Symonds play cricket at any level, he was not a Test great.

The MGH would like a dollar for every time news outlets have described the loveable larrikin and fantastic sportsman a Test great in the fortnight since his tragic death in a north Queensland car crash.

Mercurial, capable of turning games with a magical all-round performance, a mighty competitor. A funny guy, a great teammate with a love of people, a beer and a fishing rod. But not a Test great.

As one of the grumpier ex-hacks who compile the MGH and who saw the batsman score his first Test ton in Melbourne in 2006 said: “If Roy Symonds was a Test great, I represented Australian at the 1970 Miss World pageant.”


The MGH notes without comment that Fauziah Ibrahim is out of the naughty corner and is back co-hosting the ABC’s Weekend Breakfast on TV.