Albo goes the full circle!

It was such a clever little thought – and somehow charming as well – that The Bug‘s tweet of the week judges couldn’t go past this offering (at top and below) from Behyad Jafari @BJafari

A very close runner-up was Scott Morrison PM of Australia (parody) @ScottyFromMktg with this offering that neatly summed up just about everything that was wrong about the unlamented Morrison years.

For the nation’s ongoing recovery – socially, economically and mentally – let’s not talk for too much longer about the Liar from the Shire. Let’s dispatch him for good with this final volley from Vince O’Grady @vogrady2132.

FuzzyBodkin @FuzzyBodkin and The Slurries @SlurrieSociety also didn’t miss, giving Josh Frydenberg and Tim Wilson both barrels as the teal wave swamped their political careers.

On last Saturday generally, Ewart, Dave @davidbewart made this observation that The Bug heartily agreed with…

…while Snark. Huntsman defluffer @Smartymart in advance wished losing sitting members well in their post-political lives.

But let’s now get down to the nitty gritty of that horrendous six-week election campaign by saluting all those who called out the disgusting performance by the mainstream mediocre.

Kate @katea76 didn’t mince her words, describing the MSM as being basically a one-ring circus!

Alan Baxter @AlanBixter, Jessica Mason @JessicaPerthWA and Scott Moody @Scott_A_Moody all had their their spray.

And let’s finish with something entirely different but still very, very, relevant seeing there’s a slight chance the fight against climate change might improve under Labor.

Metta Bhavana “the individual in question” @MettaBhav… offered this clever thought.