Spectacle speculation ends

A Labor Party official has answered speculation about why Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has again changed the style of the prescription spectacles he wears.

Mr Albanese addressed the National Press Club in Canberra yesterday and was noticeable for sporting new eyewear just weeks after updating his previous glasses. (main picture)

At yesterday’s lunch he avoided questions about why he had made the change but a party source this morning confirmed the change was made at the direction of campaign staff and “for a very good reason”.

“The monthly unemployment rate will be released this morning,” he explained.


A strategic blunder by senior Liberal Party strategists has been identified in a last-minute audit of the party’s federal election campaign efforts so far.

An outside consultant with expertise in election campaigns was this week contracted by the Liberal Party’s federal secretariat in a bid to correct what appears to be its faltering campaign for Saturday’s election.

“The consultant quickly identified a key mistake that we’ve been repeating over and over ever since the campaign started,” a Liberal Party source said.

“The central theme we’ve been running is ‘It won’t be easy under Albanese’. (pictured)

“That idea came directly from the Prime Minister and we all accepted it without question because, as he told us, he’s a marketing genius.

“But the consultant said it’s been a huge mistake because ‘it won’t be easy’ is future tense and tells voters that an Albanese Government is inevitable.

“We should have been using conditional tense and saying ‘it wouldn’t be easy under Albanese’.

“It’s a real blunder and I’m surprised that nobody involved in our daily campaign committee meetings picked up the blue, especially Chris Dore who you’d think might know about such things,” the source said.


The audit of the Liberal Party’s campaign identified another serious mistake that has eroded the chances of the Morrison Government’s return to office.

The Liberal Party source said the expert campaign consultant’s report revealed it had been a mistake for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to repeatedly refer to his support among so-called “quiet Australians”.

The source said a key finding of the consultant’s report had stated: “The PM is clearly the wrong person to try to appeal to the ‘quiet Australians’ for the simple fact that he is such a loudmouth lying cunt.”