Credit where credit’s due

The Bug’s Media Glass House’s heart goes out to senior editorial executives at the nation’s top broadshit, The Australian, over one of its front-page stories this morning.

As you can see over on the right of the paper’s front page today (above) The Oz is reporting the results of what it claims is the most sophisticated politics poll ever conducted in this country and it must have pained the paper’s editors greatly to have placed it there.

There was a time when such a story would have found space on page 37 of a 32-page book.

For it’s grim reading for the paper’s federal government of choice. If the results of the YouGov MRP poll of 19,000 people across all 151 federal electorates carry through to 6pm on 21 May, Labor will win 80 seats for a comfortable majority win.

The MGH often gets stuck into The Australian so we say: “Well, done, you!” and we wish all the senior editorial staff involved in that decision to put it on page one good luck in finding new jobs in the profession.


We stand in awe at the ability of News Corp Australia staff to insert free plugs for commercial operations in other parts of the Murdoch media empire.

Take their BINGE (yes, they put it in capital letters just as it is trademarked) streaming service which regularly features in “news” stories in Murdoch turdbloids.

But recently those same fishwrappers ran a story about the generic issue of TV streaming services and the thoughts of some behavioural experts about the motivations of people who binge (not the streaming service) on whatever is on offer online.

Never ones to let an opportunity pass, the word “binge” appeared right up there in the headline even though BING wasn’t mentioned in the yarn. (below)

Coincidence? If we were dealing with anyone other than News Crap Australia we’d say yes.