Charles masters the name game

The Prince of Wales has given a subtle yet unmistakable signal about the style and title he will adopt when he inherits the throne from his mother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The heir to the throne has delivered the official speech at the opening of the British Parliament at Westminster in London.

Her Majesty who usually delivers the speech delegated the important task to her first-born son because of the current delicate state of her health.

The health of our beloved 96-year-old monarch has prompted discussion among the royal household about arrangements for the succession of Charles and, in particular, how he plans to style himself as monarch and what regnal name he will adopt.

Royal sources advise that there is no rule when it comes to the naming of monarchs, and that they can choose their own.

For example, Her Majesty’s father was known by his birth name of Albert – or Bertie to family and friends – before he ascended the throne following the abdication of his brother David who had taken the title King Edward VIII.

When Prince Albert became king he chose to be called King George VI as a tribute to his father King George V.

It is a little known royal fact that for his brother David, who renounced the throne in favour of being able to marry the American divorcee Wallis Simpson,  the name King Edward VIII was itself not his first choice.

Palace sources tell me that the world does not know how close it came to having a British monarch known as King Adolf until the government of the day intervened to prevent it.

As far as the current Prince of Wales is concerned, the pomp and ceremony surrounding the opening of parliament helped disguise a key indicator of the future king’s intentions.

While many of those watching the speech may have missed it, experienced royal observers like me picked up on the very subtle clues dropped by the Prince in delivering the speech.

The most significant clue was perhaps the fact that the Prince of Wales insisted on delivering the speech in the same regal gown, complete with train and tiara, worn by Her Majesty the last time she opened parliament. (main picture)

My immediate hunch was confirmed after checking around my many senior royal sources who told me that, yes, Prince Charles intends to provide an unmistakable sign of being a very modern monarch by undergoing gender reassignment surgery and reigning as queen.

 While his regal name is still being kept tightly under wraps my sources suggest it is not likely to be Queen Charles.

Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Prince Charles is most likely to pay last tribute to his record-breaking mother by being styled Queen Elizabeth III.