PM viewed through Crowe-coloured glasses

Are there two Scott Morrisons out there on the federal election hustings right now?

The Bug’s Media Glass House is forced to come to that conclusion after reading an opinion piece late in the week in The Scott Morrison Her… sorry … The Sydney Morning Herald by David Crowe (pictured above).

According to that paper’s chief political correspondent, the Scott Morrison he’s been keenly observing displays “precision and polish” in front of the camera and is the “smooth incumbent” that scrappy fighter Anthony Albanese is up against.

The Scott Morrison Crowe has been keenly observing did not get the jobseeker payment wrong by seven times in about the same week that many MSM “experts” were gleefully predicting that Albanese had lost the election there and then by not rembering immediately a fictional, fairy-floss jobless rate.

The Scott Morrison Crowe has been keenly observing did not get wrong at least once that same jobless rate that ended Albanese’s push for The Lodge.

The Scott Morrison Crowe has been keenly observing did not say “Mr Speaker” two and a half-times at a media call.

The Scott Morrison Crowe has been keenly observing did not use a highly inflated average annual earnings figure when more realistic statistics are available that show why a large number of Australians are battling cost-of-living pressures.

And clearly the Scott Morrison Crowe has been keenly observing is an entirely different beast to the one everyone else has observed who, for the full term of his prime ministership, has been butchering the English language so frequently and so badly the only explanation is that he’s pissed or as dumb as a door knob.

The Scott Morrison Crowe has been keenly observing does not repeatedly ignore questions put to him and instead parrots his usual attack lines before saying “thank you very much” and scurrying off to the next photo-op. Whether that technique is effective is very much up for debate – poll trends would suggest not – but to call it precise and polished is an absolute nonsense.

The other day when Albanese was committing his second major “gaffe” did David Crowe miss the PM’s media call about the same time when just about the entire media pack was shouting at him to just answer questions openly and honestly?

Let’s put it all another way. Would David Crowe believe his bullshit about Morrison’s campaigning and marketing skills, let alone have the nerve to prosecute such an argument, if the MSM had treated Morrison’s various gaffes, misspeaks and internal party divisions on climate change and disastrous captain’s picks with the same ferocity as it has dished out to Labor and Albanese the first month of the campaign?


We’ve often remarked about “the level playing field” that Labor gets to play on at each election, be it federal, state or local.

A great example of that level playing field is right above us there: the Newscorpse coverage of just one issue; Anthony Albanese’s latest “gaffe”.

So we guess this is as good a moment as any to once again thank Lachlan Murdoch who flew into Oz recently to promise all Newscorpse mastheads would cover the election with fairness and balance.

What a fucking, lowlife, lying cunt, Lachlan is. No wonder he and his dad are so impressed by Scott Morrison.


Bearing in mind there’s no real evidence anywhere – yet – that Albanese’s latest “gaffe has done him or Labor any harm, let’s now look at the intro to Queensland’s ABC 7pm news last night that talked of “Anthony Albanese trying to get his campaign back on track”.

Trying? Back on track?

Who the fuck said it was derailed in the first place by that bullshit “gotcha” by Channel 9’s Jonathan Kearsley? By Channel 9 generally? The Nine mastheads? Channel 7? Newcorpse? The shock jocks?

Many declared Albo’s first-day gaffe the end of his tilt at being MP and that’s been proved a complete and utter nonsense.

There’s some new bloke in charge of ABC News: may the MGH humbly suggest he directs all his staff to stop fucking following and believing what the right-wing nut jobs in the commercial sector are doing and get all ABC staff back to practising journalism with balance, fairness and integrity.