Furious PM rejects ‘insensitive’ claim!


Scott Morrison has angrily rejected claims that he used “insensitive” remarks and his devout Christian beliefs to talk down to and humiliate the mother of a four-year-old autistic son during and after last night’s The Courier-Mail/Sky News leaders’ forum in inner-Brisbane.

“What I said to that mother about Jenny and I being “blessed” with two normal children was a totally harmless comment from not just a loving father and husband of two wonderful, healthy daughters, but a person of strong Pentecostal Christian faith,” the Prime Minister fumed.

“Mine was an innocent remark that people use all the time and I’m horrified by the reaction to that on various disgraceful social media platforms but especially Twitter which, as I said during the debate, should be banned!”

“I totally detest trial by social media. It’s so unfair and so unbalanced and so unprofessional compared with the mainstream media that at the very least gives my side of politics a fair go from time to time.”

Mr Morrison’s “blessed” comment followed the mother’s question during which she explained that NDIS help to her autistic child had been cut.

When the Prime Minister was observed talking to the woman afterwards and most people thought he was honouring a commitment during the debate to get her details so the relevant minister could review her case, enhanced CCTV vision showed Mr Morrison was in fact handing her a list of Pentecostal churches in south-eastern Queensland.

The PM readily and happily admitted handing over the pamphlet. “I know nothing about the lady’s circumstances but in case she intended to have more children, I’d certainly hope she’d put her faith and as much money as she could afford in the one true God, Jesus Christ our Lord and Master,” Mr Morrison said, raising his right hand to the ceiling and speaking briefly in tongues.

“I could see in her eyes her acceptance that had she embraced the Holy Spirit years ago, her son would have been born normal and would now not be a pathetic burden on the NDIS scheme which as we all know is fast becoming an enormous and unsustainable drain on limited government finances.”

Above: The PM and Opposition Leader conducted a largely civil debate in last night’s leaders’ forum in Brisbane.