Barnaby sets an example

While Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese have both experienced a patchy first week of the federal election campaign, an experienced political observer has praised Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce’s performance.

Dean of Politics at North Wodonga University (formerly Wodonga TAFE), Professor Candy Date, said since the election was called last weekend Mr Morrison had copped flak for broken promises and Mr Albanese had bungled an answer on key economic statistics.

“On the other hand Barnaby Joyce as Deputy PM and National Party leader has been playing his usual role to perfection,” Prof Date said.

“Admittedly that involves just turning up to front the media in regional towns wearing a big hat and looking grumpy and hungover (main picture), but he does it very well.”


Scott Morrison has rejected suggestions that he has tried to blame Labor leader Anthony Albanese for the car crash in Tasmania yesterday that caused several of the Prime Minister’s security staff to be hospitalised.

“I reject the premise of your question,” Mr Morrison said when quizzed about statements he made at a news conference about the crash.

“I was simply making the point that the vehicle the officers were travelling and which left the road and rolled several times after being struck by another vehicle was a Prado which sounds very much like Albo.

“I also simply made the point that the latest series Prado sold in Australia first entered the local market in 2009 when Labor was in power,” he said.