Got deep pockets, arseholes?

Boy, oh boy!!!! I’d hate to be in the shoes of the shameless grubs who have hijacked the Twitter accounts of some of this nation’s most respected journalists.

And I hope they’ve got deep pockets to pay for the finest of silks because what they’ve done to these fine scribes is, well, fucking unforgivable!

Personally I’ve never seen such cunt acts undertaken for no other purpose than to destroy the characters of damn fine writers whose reputations have been forged through their total devotion in their working lives to the pursuit of journalism to the highest possible standards of integrity, honesty and balanced professionalism.

First up, let’s look at the dreadful piece of work who’s hacked two journalists I’ve admired for a long, long time: David Lipson and James Massola!

Above is an alleged Twitter exchange between these two men and the Massola tweet and the Lipson response are clearly made up by a hacker with the most sinister of motives!

I appreciate it’s true that there are enough Newscorpse and Nine Entertainment Co. scribes banging on out there that Anthony Albanese has basically lost the election with his double gaffe on the unemployment rate and the Reserve Bank’s basic cash rate, whatever the fuck that means.

Now you’d expect that from the shameless LNP apologists who infect those organisations – I’m pretty confident I heard the tinkle of pants being wee’d on when Chris Uhmann was doing his to-camera piece the other night hinting that Labor has already lost the election – but definitely not Lipson or Massola.

Both these men know perfectly well that Albanese’s “gaffes” in the overall scheme of things have lasted about as long as a Year 12 lad having a knee-trembler against the sand-retaining wall on Surfers Paradise beach at Schoolies.

And, besides, how big a gaffe was it to forget the federal government’s concocted, risible, bullshit 4 per cent unemployment figure, plucked from Morrison and Frydenberg’s arses after both their cloacas had been liberally – pun intended – sprinkled with fairy dust.

Lipson and Massola as true professionals know that. There’s fucking no-one in Australia except rusted-on Tories who believe this nation’s unemployment rate is 4 per cent. The Morrison government counts anyone who can spell the word “work” as fully employed.

Roy Morgan Research puts the true unemployment rate at 8.5 per cent, while respected finance and business commentator Alan Kohler has banged on recently that the real jobless unemployment rate could be 15 per cent.

The James Massola I know would not have heard those Albanese’s “gaffes” and said “Wow” to hint how damaging they supposedly were.

To believe that you’d have to be welded-on Liberals such as Phillip Coorey, Chris Uhlmann and the James brothers, Campbell and Morrow, who were born believing the laughable notion that the Tories manage economies better despite powerful evidence since Federation that that’s got about as much truth to it as Scott Morrison’s next speech.

And then look at “Lipson’s” response: “This will be seen as the moment it {the election] turned.”

Lipson used to work at the ABC, for fuck sake, which means he’s far too professional to utter anything so moronically silly.

The only thing that would have turned was Lipson’s face to red with rage over being made to look so hopelessly, so amateurishly and so mind-numbingly fucking stupid!

Then there was the cunt who hijacked Samantha Maiden’s Twitter feed. While Maiden works at Newscorpse I know for a fact she’s one of the least-worst political scribes working there and Sam has too much pride in her professionalism and her commitment to fair and balanced reporting to ever – EVER! – allow herself to come across as an LNP toady promoting feigned LNP outrage over those so-called gaffes by Albanese.

There’s no fucking was in the world the real Samantha Maiden would do that.

Don Gordon-Brown

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