Albo denies another fumble

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has denied making another stumble on the campaign trail – this time appearing to bungle his lines in an attack on Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Labor Party strategists have been working on a short, sharp, memorable line to counter the Prime Minister’s latest verbal attack on the Opposition Leader – “It won’t be easy under Albanese” – which he has been repeating at every opportunity in media interviews and public speeches he undertakes.

An expectant media pack, tipped off by the Labor leader’s minders, waited for Mr Albanese to use his new pithy attack line during his appearance in Melbourne this morning to announce a new $135 million policy to trial 50 new urgent care clinics aimed at easing pressure on public hospitals.

After outlining the policy Mr Albanese (main picture) took questions and, as the news conference drew to a close, called on a specific reporter who had been primed to pose a question about the Morrison line to enable the Labor leader to use his own new sound-bite in response.

When asked if he found the Prime Minister’s “It won’t be easy under Albanese” line worrisome, Mr Albanese responded by detailing some key policy differences between the Liberal-National coalition and Labor.   

He then paused briefly, visibly changed his posture to stand slightly taller and straighter, threw back his shoulders, stared directly into the TV cameras present, and declared: “It’ll be worrisome under that chubby two-faced lying cunt.”

Mr Albanese then called an end to the news conference and walked from the lectern to his waiting car.

It was left to one of his senior staffers to deny that Mr Albanese had fluffed his lines.

“No,” the staffer said, “He nailed it.”