Right-winger speaks at right-wing think tank

Our Media Glass House researchers thought the headline above was perhaps an appropriate one for the many stories appearing earlier this week in News Crap Australia turbloids, websites, and the national broadshit The Australian about a speech by Lachlan Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch’s son and joint News Corp head honcho, to the Institute of Public Affairs. (main picture)

You know the IPA? It’s the tank that thinks the private sector should be delivering the many services governments deliver, but to make huge profits out of them to boot. Of course they excuse the woeful job the private sector has done in aged care, hospitals, health insurance, child care and many other sectors that never seem to deliver goods or services that are anywhere near affordable or of good quality without massive taxpayer subsidies.

While our researchers believe there was hardly much news in a right-wing businessman speaking to a right-wing outfit like the IPA, they believe that if a story had to run then it should have had a more apt headline.

Our MGH researchers also marvelled at how many supposedly independent-minded News Crap editors around the nation happened to consider the speech deserved prominent coverage including The Australian which ran a news story on page one and reproduced in full Murdoch junior’s rather pedestrian observations about Australia’s national character and way of life and his call for Australians to maintain their commitment to fairness and freedom of expression. (pictured)

You may recall that the Murdoch empire itself doesn’t exhibit fairness in its coverage of politics and many social issues and also believes in freedom of expression only as long as it’s a right-wing expression and isn’t expressed on the ABC.

Our researchers wonder if a left-wing media operator making cliche-ridden comments to a left-wing think tank would have received the same coverage. Of course they, and you , know the answer.


The Lachlan Murdoch speech to the IPA also caused our MGH researchers to mull over how  News Crap Australia editors might have reacted when offered the chance to run a story on it.

They reckon someone must have rung or emailed them – maybe from a penthouse in New York – to say: “Lachlan’s flapping his jaws at the IPA. You’ll be making an independent editorial decision to run a news story and if possible the whole transcript.”

Our researchers wonder if the outcome might have been different if the caller had said: “The employer and promoter of the warmongering Kremlin’s favourite US TV commentator, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, is making some very bland observations at a loopy right-wing outfit that thinks greed is good. You interested?”


On another example of Murdoch arrogance, our MGH researchers want to apologise for revisiting this issue. But they also can’t ignore it.

This week the Murdoch empire again used many of its metro turdbloids and its national broadshit’s online site to plug its commercial interests in guise of “news”.

This time it was the new Sky TV program to be fronted by UK political commentator Piers Morgan.

The “news” stories plugging the show even contained the helpful information about the time and date of the premiere episode. (pictured)

The “news” story was run in the early pages of a number of News Crap Australia papers, no doubt bumping genuine news items.

Of course yet again they didn’t mention the commercial connection between News Crap Australia newspapers and Sky News.

At least Rupert’s outlets are consistent when it comes to a choice between blatantly promoting their master’s commercial interests at the expense of real news and their contempt for basic journalistic standards and values.


To end, take a look at the headlines on these stories that ran in newspapers this week.

Did you spot the tautology in both? Yes, it’s pretty easy isn’t it?

The subs could have easily dropped the word “priest” and just kept “paedophile”. Or even vice versa.