How to shield shocking bias

An exclusive readership poll conducted by The Bug‘s Media Glass House has revealed why Bevan Shields, editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, still has his job after directing staff to describe last week’s Sydney train lockout as a “rail strike”.

The No Motion Detected poll, conducted for this organisation by its inhouse polling company, Revolution Inertia, used a combination of phone calls, online surveys and quite a bit of other stuff they simply just made up to quiz some 1234 respondents as to why Shields was still in his position after clearly going out of his way to give whatever support he could to Liberal Party efforts at both the state and federal level to blame transport unions for the shutdown.

Those polled were simply asked: why do you think Shields is still in his position? Is it because:

A. He’s never been an industrial reporter so he can be excused for totally misreading the industrial dispute currently taking place between rail chiefs and the unions;

B. He’s just a fucking rightwing cunt and his elevation to the position of editor is symptomatic of the tragic drift to the right by the Herald mastheads in recent years.

C. The mastheads are owned by Nine Entertainment Co, which is chaired by Peter Costello who has probably in recent days added “supreme” to Shields’ work title and sweetened his remuneration package.

Close to 124 per cent of respondents selected C.


The Media Glass House is asking people out there in Bugland if they can pick why we had no great interest in listening to a podcast by The Guardian Australia‘s Katharine Murphy over last week’s Essential poll.

We’ve circled a few things to help you out in your quest for an answer.