Bomb the Bear back to his cage!

Does anyone else wish we still had Tony Abbott in charge as Prime Minister and ready and willing to shirtfront Vladimir Putin?

You bet you are. You bet I am.

Vlad the Bad is playing the West off a break with his invasion of eastern Ukraine and unless God-fearing western nations stand up to this brute of a bear, we will all pay a horrible price in world instability for decades to come.

Give a bully an inch and he’ll take a mile, as my good mate Chris Uhlmann editorialised last night on Channel 9 news. And my former priest trainee colleague was spot on with his excellent The Art of War in the 21st Century presentation.

Powerful stuff from a man who knows what’s urgently needed to save the world and ensure a crucial, much-needed fourth term for the LNP in Canberra.

The West has got to wake up to itself and forget this sanctions bullshit. Sanctions smanctions, I say! Putin is laughing in their faces. He’s going to gobble up the whole of Ukraine, tank track by tank track! And after that, who’s next?

A little bit of old fashioned Aussie steel in the trenches of eastern Ukraine is what’s needed to send the wounded Ruskie bear scurrying back to his pathetic faeces-and-urine-stained cage deep in the bowels of the Kremklin to lick his wounds, if he’s got any paws left to lick, that is, after we send him on his way with some serious, well-directed free-world ordnance.

Naturally, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and other European powers should join in this exercise to teach Communist Russia a lesson it will never forget! But if bronzed ANZACs have to do it on their own, then so be it!

If we don’t do this now, that other world bully China will be emboldened to move on Taiwan. And if war ever breaks out with China, where on earth are we going to get all the goods we rely on for our day-to-day living essentials!

No, we need to get this done now, free world, before it’s too late!

My only regret is that I’m now a little too old for military service. Otherwise I’d be down at my local enlistment centre before the morning’s out, joining with my good mates and powerful media women, Peta Credlin, Vikki Campion, Miranda Devine, Janet Albrechtsen, Des Houghton and many others, as well as my new work colleague here at The Bug, Terri Tory, angrily shouting: “We’re coming for you, Vlad the Bad! You’d better protect your balls, boy, because we’re more than happy to blow them clean off!”

When I say “we” I mean of course we all have relatives of both sexes – children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, step-daughters – all of fighting age and raring to undergo some basic training and head OS to bravely back up our regular forces, give their all to put Putin back in his place and in the process ensure Anzac Day marches will thrive for decades to come.

It’s the least they could do. Sometimes, I must confess with just a little tear in the eye that the pride of being an Australian patriot is almost too much to bear, if you’ll pardon the pun. It really is.