Dutton urges enlistment

The Morrison Government has again denied it is stoking fears of a war with China for political purposes despite a late-night speech in Federal Parliament by Defence Minister Peter Dutton urging Australians to enlist in the armed services “before an imminent invasion”. (main picture)

Mr Dutton was supported by Prime Minister Scott Morrison who took the opportunity to step up attacks on Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese while also rejecting claims that he was laying the groundwork for a “khaki election”.

The Defence Minister’s speech was met with a barrage of opposition interjections alleging he was again casting aspersions on the loyalty of Labor MPs.

“Absolute rubbish,” Mr Dutton replied, “but sadly typical of the misinformation we always hear from the traitorous quislings on the opposition benches.

“Unlike the double-agents in the Labor Party I will do my duty and I will protect Australia and the people of Australia in the face of what will hopefully…. I mean, what could sadly be an imminent invasion.

“I would be derelict in that duty if I didn’t warn Australians that it is in their interests to enlist now to help fight a war with China that I hope….. I mean, I fear could easily break out any day before the elect… I mean, any day now.”

Mr Morrison followed Mr Dutton, pointing towards Labor ranks and saying that there was now a clear distinction between “the loyalists in the Liberal Party and the Communist Chinese collaborators opposite”.

He then went on to cite a long list of Mr Albanese’s “sinister Sino associations” and tabled what appeared to be surveillance photos of the Labor leader eating in a Chinese restaurant.

“The Labor leader – Beijing’s boy at the coming election – also has a record of financially supporting China,” the Prime Minister declared while tabling other photos of Mr Albanese shamelessly shopping at not only Bunnings and KMart but a large number of other Australian retail outlets!

Mr Morrison delivered his remark while staring at the Opposition Leader and repeatedly using his forefingers to stretch his eyes horizontally and employing a mock oriental accent.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Andrew Wallace, intervened in the debate saying he had never seen or heard so clearly such “disgraceful conduct to my left” and issued a stern warning that he would not hesitate to eject Labor MPs if their behaviour and interjections that he could so clearly hear continued and if he could remember the section used to evict MPs.