Another makeover for Albo

Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese has undergone another makeover in preparation for a profile by the Nine Network’s 60 Minutes program.

A Labor Party strategist who spoke to The Bug on condition of anonymity conceded that Mr Albanese’s latest dramatic image change followed closely on his recent adoption of new “nerdy” spectacles and sober suits and previous work to straighten his teeth.

But he said while the Opposition Leader’s latest makeover (main picture) took his image in a new direction it was a necessary response to last weekend’s 60 Minutes program profiling Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his family.

“Basically it’s been motivated by the fact that last Sunday’s 60 Minutes was outrated by the British crime drama Vera on the ABC at the same time,” the strategist said.

“Opposition leaders get so little coverage compared with prime ministers so Albo needs to maximise every opportunity.

“We believe the new image will ensure viewers stick with 60 Minutes and hear what he has to say and don’t flip to the ABC.

“On that point we really do hope viewers hear what he says because he’ll be speaking in a Geordie accent when he asks the interviewer to ‘take your time, pet’.”

Mr Albanese’s latest image change has sparked debate within the Labor caucus with some MPs questioning its potential effectiveness while others saw it as a masterstroke.

Former Labor Party senator Graham Richardson said the image change was entirely his idea if it worked.

But, Mr Richardson added, if it didn’t work he had nothing to do with it.