School responds to bus attacks


The Pentacostal school in Brisbane at the centre of a row over now-withdrawn enrolment contracts banning gender diverse and gay students has been forced to modify its school buses because of public attacks.

A spokesperson for the Citipointe Christian College said since the controversy erupted more than a week ago its school buses (main picture) had been the subject of targeted attacks.

“Our school bus drivers as well as students on board or getting on or off our buses have been subjected to person abuse from angry members of the public,” the spokesperson said.

“Some of our buses have even been vandalised with rude words and abusive slogans spray-painted on their sides.

“Those committing the attacks have often openly declared that they have taken offence at some of the signage on our school buses.”

The Citipointe school spokesperson said the college had now taken steps to remove the signage responsible for the attacks.

“All of our school buses have now had the supposedly offensive signs removed,” the spokesperson said. (pictured)

“The school administration is now hopeful that we will see an end to these incidents.”