Dead man washing

Oh, what a Twitter feast it’s been this past week or so. There were psycho accusations levelled at Smoko Morrison, who in turn set out to prove them pretty much right by staging a bizarre hair-washing photo-op stunt that lit up social mediocre and lost him votes left, right and centre.

That absurb and damaging hair salon visit even had The Bug wondering whether Peta Credlin had taken on the job as the PM’s chief of staff because Smoko washing some poor apprentice’s hair was truly his eating-an-unpeeled-onion moment and someone with no political nous what-so-fucking-ever would have put him up to it.

And seeing he managed to combine the two quite well, our tweet of the week judges couldn’t go past the offering at top from Media Analyst @MediaAnalystOz. Bewdifully summed up, sir! Or mam. Or whatever and whoever you are.

Looking forward to what Smoko’s braindead advisers might get him to do next to make sure an election loss is a certainty was Ashley Greene @dazzaroo54.

Proving short, sharp posts are equally as effective were Andrew P Street @AndrewPStreet, The Sage @SarkySage and Scott’s Bots @ScottsBotsAus….

Not to mention Deb Spillane @DebSpillane, 1FunMumm @1funmumm and Jennifer Crawford @OurNewHomecoach….

And Mark McCarthy @MarkMcC3326 came up with this astute observation…

With Smoko Morrison still in their sights but on a separate matter that still manages to address the bloke’s character were Mobs @Mobsy1812 and No prize won @noozchoozy

Several others with a media bent were Dr Ingrid M @iMusing and “wood for the trees” @GregHol95663175

And finally a general observation about the Morrison ministry from Bee etc etc 5th Estate Citizen Jounro @BelindaJ…