Big payout headed Middleton’s way

Defamation law experts believe highly respected Canberra Gallery journalist Karen Middleton will reap a multi-million dollar payment after being wilfully libelled on the ABC Insiders program on Sunday.

“I can’t see that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has a leg to stand on,” a senior silk with decades of experience before the bar in highly publicised defamation cases involving dozens of celebrities told The Bug on the condition of anonymity.

He was referring, of course, to the moment when the program wrongly identified Ms Middleton from The Saturday Paper as Morrison Government minister Karen Andrews (above).

The source added: “I suppose the ABC should just be thankful the minister wasn’t Michaela Cash or Anne Ruston or Bridget McKenzie or Sussan Ley. Any likely settlement from a mistake of that magnitude would most likely have sent the corporation into liquidation.”

Rally venue selected

Organisers behind the #scottiedidn’tknowaboutbrittanyhigginsuntilmuchmuchlater movement have announced the venue for Wednesday’s big public rally of all Australians who still firmly believe the PM and his office did not know about the alleged rape of Higgins in Parliament House in April 2019 and the subsequent cleanup and coverup until almost two years later.