Some GOTCHA moment, guys!

Is there anyone left at interested in plying the craft of journalism?

You know what the MGH means by that. Writing about events fairly and accurately with balance?
If there are, they won’t include Courtney Gould.

Writing about Anthony Albanese’s appearance on the Nine Network Today show on Thursday with cohosts Allison Langdon and Karl StefanovIc, Gould wrote: “Anthony Albanese has been left speechless after Ally Langdon asked him to price a box of tampons, just days after Scott Morrison failed to identify the cost of petrol and bread.”

Speechless, Ms Gould?

The MGH has replayed the segment over and over again and to say Albanese was left temporarily unable to talk or to know what to say suggests this supposedly tyro reporter might be better off writing fiction for some of the women’s magazines.

Albanese doesn’t answer the question for about a second, and that’s only out of courtesy as he waits for Stefanovic to stop laughing like a demented hyena.

Here’s how it unfolded, according to the gospel of Gould: “We know that the PM got stumped by the cost of bread and milk the other day. You of course were across household items, so here we go,” Ms Langdon asked.

“For your female voters, can you give us the price of a box of Carefree?”

“No I can’t,” Mr Albanese responded with a grin.

“‘I live with my son who is 21 years old and I assure you that is something I can’t tell you.”

Here’s another tip for a young journalist who might want to improve themselves although there’s scant evidence of that across the mainstream mediocre nowadays. One of the first things a cadet learns is that if you’re going to use direct speech, make sure you’ve got it down pat. Oh, and make sure it’s worthy of being in direct quotes in the first place.

For Ms Gould’s possible interest, Langdon says: “Hey .. umm … we know the PM got stumped by the price of bread and petrol the other day. You are across household items…” Note: are, not were.

And it’s Stefanovic who then interjects with: “Oh, here we go. Here we go” with fingers steepled. Not Langdon.

Albanese takes about half a second until Stefanovic settles down and stops pissing his pants to reply that he can’t. To be fair, Albanese would have been entitled to be speechless over such a vacuous, absurd, illogical question asked for no other apparent reason than to achieve some sort of “stumped” political square-up.

As Albanese explains why he can’t cost a packet of Carefrees – and the MGH does reckon he looks very much like his menstruating days are well behind him – Langdon and Stefanovic look at each other and giggle away like school kid pranksters who have left a dead mouse on a classmate’s chair.

“Gotcha!” shouts Stefanovic.

“You have” says Albanese.

That’s the only criticism the MGH has of Albanese’s response to this whole pathetic “gotcha” attempt that, the Daily Mail, et al, then dutifully exploited.

Maybe he needs a bit of Bob Hwake mongrel for the coming campaign. Instead of modestly saying “Ally one; Albo zero”, he should have snarled and told Langdon and Stefanovic: “What a stupid bloody question!” before storming off screen.

And as for Gourtney Gould? If she has no desire to report things fairly, who wants to beat things up and distort direct quotes, the MGH has some phone numbers of women’s gossip magazines to apply for, starting with No Idea and Women’s Monthly.


And, finally, does the wonderful Alan Moir know something the rest of us don’t know? This, from Saturday’s SMH.