Whose turn to say Grace?

No one issue has ever come this close before to swamping The Bug’s tweet of the week judges as has happened this past week.

We’re talking, of course, of Grace Tame’s “I don’t like you one little bit” reaction to Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the Australian of the Year warm-up function in Canberra last Tuesday.

With facial expressions and body language, the 2020 AOTY gave Morrison a “fuck you, cunt” without any words whatsoever. And for that, she will remain forever in The Bug‘s heart, mind and deep, deep affection.

Our judges had a draining time (they drained quite a few) sifting through the many entries on this issue with countless nemes of men behaving badly … well, one man in particular, refusing to shake hands, shaking hands that didn’t want to be shaked, scowling, fists clenched in rage, etc, etc. Not one meme showing him doing the decent thing any reasonable person would do, namely smiling politely at people he’s invited into his home!

The judges finally gave the nod, though, to Antoine @SirBAntMQ (at top) for an effort which neatly summed up many of the memes that in on the issue as the Twitterverse offer their own unsaid “fuck youse” hostile reaction to the privileged white males who declared Grace should have behaved herself, done the girly thing and smiled at the grate man.

Which brings us, of course, to Peter van Onselen who, if he’s still alive, will probably now be speaking with a very high-pitched voice. The words The Project will probably for ever more cause a physical reaction – a huge, involuntary sucking-in response – in that area where PVO’s balls used to hang about.

Dominic @domnixon1984 slapped down PVO with this Rosa Parks reference.

Then there was this nice, short, sharp one from Dr Sheep Person aka Underclass Prole @noplaceforsheep.

Marese syringe syringe syringe @MareseCarver and Rick @colonelhogans also went into bat for our Grace. Don’t hold back now, Rick. Call it as it is.

Other issues continued to bubble along, though, so let’s turn to the pandemic and PRGuy @PRGuy17 who in a normal Grace Tame-free week would have come very close to Tweet of the Week glory with his “monkey slinging faeces” line. Wonderful imagery, PRGuy!

And what’s there not to like about anyone who gets stuck into the Beetrooter. So thank you, Emma @emma_jayne14

Smoko Morrison’s ongoing faux campaign (today’s Newspoll suggests it’s going swimmingly if drowning is a mark of success) sparked BronwynHumphries @bronwyn20121 and Kailas Wild @kailaswild into action.

Another Tweeterati with a bee in her bonnet over Smoko’s never-ending campaign on the public teat was Bee..5th Estate Citizen Journo @BelindaJ…

And as everyone now knows, our TOTW judges always like entries getting stuck into the mainstream mediocre. So take it away Mark Langham @MarkLangham2….