Big response to mascot contest


Australia Post says it has been deluged with responses to its latest promotional campaign to name a shortlist of animal characters as its new corporate mascot.

The taxpayer-owned mail and parcel distribution service has been running a national advertising campaign to encourage Australians to choose and name a mascot from among a selection of suggested native animals. (main picture)

An Australia Post spokesperson said there had been a strong response to the new campaign.

The top five nominations so far (pictured top to bottom at left) were:

  • Kewie, the slow-moving counter attendant koala who could be mistaken for a snail and doesn’t mind a chat when serving so the Post Office fills up with customers in a line snaking out the door and down the street.
  • Kookie, the carefree mail sorting kookaburra who regularly laughs like a jackass after realising he’s put the wrong mail in all the wrong private post boxes – just like he did yesterday, and the day before – but really couldn’t give a shit.
  • Pottie, the lackadaisical postie potteroo who insists on putting mail in your letterbox even though it’s meant for someone three blocks away all because they’ve got the same street number as you.
  • Wobbly, the wayward wombat who rides an Australia Post tricycle and delivers hundreds of letters and packages each day, sometimes to the right address.
  • Kelly, the well-rewarded kelpie who does fuck-all all day at your local Post Office but nonetheless sports an expensive Cartier collar.  

The Australia Post spokesperson said a judging panel would soon choose the winning entry.

“There’s a great prize on offer – an overnight family stay at Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney plus $2,000 voucher for air fares to get there and back,” she said.

“The winner will be advised by mail, so I’d recommend that anyone who’s entered should stand by their letter box, possibly for some months, and maybe even keep an eye on your neighbour’s letterbox or even your neighbours’ letterboxes just in case.”