Headline writer downgraded

Maybe the way they pick names for cyclones needs to change? Or at the very least, avoid names that reference famous old movies?

That was the general view at The Bug‘s Media Glass House after we spied the effort above from a sub-editor at Brisbane’s The Sunday Mail last weekend.

MAN DIES, TEEN LOST AS STATE BRACES FOR TEMPEST AT TIFFANY’S was the strap head on one of the pages devoted to the tragic south-east Queensland floods.

See what they’ve tried to do there? Somehow work in a reference to the famous 1961 film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, no matter how lame or plain silly the end result was?

At least TEMPEST ends in a T. So WINDIEST could also have been a goer? Wettest? The AT still jars though.

And some might fairly argue it was in poor taste to try for such a connection anyway – such light-hearted flippancy – seeing people had died with a teenager missing.

Others might have also pointed out that the entire state may not have been bracing for Tiffany anyway. At that point, Tiffany was way up north, a bit of a Category One blowhard that at best by last Saturday night have been blowing a couple of salties off course or sinking a tinnie or two.

Another to try their luck with the movie connection was the online news site, InQueensland, and seeing the cyclone did cross the coastline about the right time of the day for this report (below) we’ll give their effort a solid pass mark.

We wouldn’t have minded at all if they’d even used “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.
Would have been perfectly okay.


As we all know, sometimes the answer to a problems lies in plain sight.

Recently ABC News Online carried a story about the possibility of shortages of a certain brand of deep fried take-away chicken caused by the impact on supply chains by the ongoing COVID pandemic. (pictured)

But for anyone who believes they may suffer from any shortages of food, fast or otherwise, our MGH research teams believe the ABC may well have been making a subliminal suggestion for a solution.


Okay, let’s take one final look at the health of the craft of headline writing in the modern mainstream mediocre.

A retired hack journo we suspect is almost as bitter and twisted as those who compile the MHG sent this one in to us. We believe it’s from The Daily Torygraph in Sydney.

Okay, we get that Usman Khawaja scored twin centuries at the SCG Test. and that he sometimes answers to “Uzzie”. But Uzzie sounds nothing like Easy so we’ll put this one into “trying too hard to be clever” category. Then again, maybe the sub-editor is a Kiwi with a speech impediment.

And how about Khawaja performing the feat in a “single” Test match at the SCG! The other two times this has been achieved must have been in “married” Test matches at the SCG.