Who will join the pantheon?

Some familiar names are on the shortlist for The Bug’s Australian of the Year Award for 2021 to be announced on Australia Day.

Chair of the award committee, The Bug’s finance and investment columnist Morrie Bezzle, said the three recent winners of the award had again featured in the list of possibilities for the 2021 award.

Speaking to reporters on a telephone conference call from the Arthur Gorrie Remand Centre west of Brisbane, Mr Bezzle said the 2018 AOTY Award winner, businessman and former federal MP Clive Palmer (at left in main picture) had been shortlisted by the judging panel for his outstanding altruism and philanthropy.

“Old Clive has got a soft spot for helping the needy, the powerless, and the underdog and his recent work to assist the newspaper advertising industry has been outstanding,” Mr Bezzle (pictured) said.

“The 2019 winner, teenage environmental activist, Scomo Turdberg, (middle in main picture) has also been shortlisted for her efforts promoting and defending the federal government’s strong response to climate change at the UN’s summit in Glasgow in particular her courageous stand in favour of coal-fired power networks and CCS technology – that’s cash capture and storage if you don’t know.

“Last year the judges picked federal National Party minister, Senator Bridget McKenzie, (at right in main picture) as The Bug’s 2020 Australian of the Year for her role in promoting sports and she is on the list for 2021 after another big year shepherding taxpayer funds to where they rightfully belong. (pictured)

“I reckon the judges will have a hard time picking a winner for 2021 because I’ve seen the shortlist so far and I can tell you these three are just a few of the standout nominees who helped make our nation what it is today.”

Mr Bezzle is being held on remand on several charges relating to the supply of allegedly fake COVID-19 testing kits which police have claimed were actually crudely relabelled hand-held vehicle tyre pressure gauges.

“I should be out of here by the time the awards are announced,” Mr Bezzle said during the supervised conference call.