Hose-holding a sign of hubris?

Annastacia Palaszczuk’s media minders obviously thought it was a good idea at the time. Hey, look here! Prime Minister Scott Morrison doesn’t hold a hose but the Queensland Premier can – and does!

At top is Ms Palaszczuk shown on Channel 9 Brisbane’s 6pm news last night holding a high-pressure hose and pretending to wash mud off a Maryborough footpath after the big flood there.

But this is how it looked to this old, washed up, one-eyed cynic: a shitty little photo-op that fooled no-one and was beneath her.

Australia already has one pollie too many resorting to mindless, pathetic photo-ops thinking that’s the best way to impress voters and get ahead.

It was perfectly correct for the Premier to be on the scene, to announce financial support for flood victims and to comfort those who’ve lost their homes and contents over recent days. And sadly for several – loved ones.

Hug a few people by all means, Annastacia. Show your human, compassionate side. Do a Kevin Rudd and carry some sodden household goods out onto a suburban Brisbane footpath.

What a bonus it is for you pollies if you can arrange something like that and look a little disappointed that the media were there to capture your hands-on efforts. How modest! How noble!

But it you’re going to do that sort of thing, do it for a while so that people think you really wanted to do it.

Don’t hold a hose for a few moments so that TV viewers can see that you can hold a hose and shout: “Hey, look at that! It’s the Premier holding a hose!”

Don’t get this old hack wrong. I love it that Annastacia has won three state elections on the trot.

I love to think that my old journo mate Des Houghton might still be in a foetal position in a darkened room muttering “What went wrong. I told Queenslanders what was expected of them?”

I love the fact that a handful of editors at those fucking awful shit papers The Courier-Mail and The Sunday Mail remain mentally scarred that the never-ending, disgraceful, shockingly biased, unprofessional, unethical, election coverages they’ve dished out for three polls as the LNP’s Bowen hills branch have been soundly rebuffed by Queenslanders.

I love the fact that by late 2024, Labor will have governed the Sunshine State for 28 of the past 34 years. It’s amazing what fair electoral boundaries can achieve.

And I could understand completely if Annastacia might have gotten a swelled head with her political success over quite some time now.

I just desperately need her to remain sure-footed and balanced.

And maybe I’m wrong but I think a warning bell should have rung in her head when someone suggested she grab that hose for a cringe-worthy, phony photo-op.

By all means pick up a hose – preferably of the garden variety – or a mop or a broom but if you’re a pollie you’ve got to stay all day or until the job is done.

Otherwise you end up dripping with insincerity and cheap, transparent, opportunism.

Don Gordon-Brown