Twitter hooked on something fishy

The Bug’s Tweet of the Week judges could not go past this wonderful observation from Marvell Lawson @Marvell_Law (above) who clinically and brilliantly filleted the latest photo-op of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s current taxpayer-funded faux election campaign (images at top).

A point very well made and our hearts go out to residents of The Vales aged-car facility at Morphett Vale if indeed that food shot is from there. If so, we hope your relatives smuggle in some real food from time to time.

In fact, the way the Twitterverse – well, The Bug‘s terribly slanted version of it – lit up with the image of our mendacious, moronic faux-marketer of a prime minister pretending in front of his professional photographer that he actually baked a large Northern Territory barramundi at Kirribillli House this column is devoted to that topic.

We’ll run our tweets of the week on other issues tomorrow in a second installment.

Running Marvell Lawson close was the usually brilliant Coalition Tea Lady @ItsBouquet with a simple, killer putdown line as is her wont – “Here is a fish.”

We also liked this exchange between Just keep left @dr_brad_59 and Julian Andrew @JulianAndrew63

And we can only assume that to protect the integrity of her own surname, regular Morrison savager, Patricia Barraclough @PMBarraclough refused to use the fake fish-cooking image and ran instead another famous PM photo-op. Indeed, the absolute dickhead does love military shots.

Then there was Evil Sewer Rat etc, etc @ToneSaysGoLeft with this wonderful observation of our great national leader. Ouch!