Boris faces new photo quiz

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has attempted to answer new questions about yet another leaked photograph of an alleged Downing Street Christmas party.

News of the latest photograph (main picture) follows the publication prior to Christmas by The Guardian of a picture showing 19 people including Mr Johnson gathered in the Downing Street garden allegedly taken in May 2020 when all such gatherings were banned because of coronavirus pandemic lockdown rules.  (pictured)

Mr Johnson has dismissed renewed attacks on his leadership over the latest photo after critics labelled him incompetent and insensitive for partying while the omicron variant of the coronavirus was running rampant.

“Yar, yar. I know people will have a go at me,” he said. “But really chaps, and chapettes, the new pic doesn’t show a  party at all.

“Quite the contrary. It’s a photo of me chairing a meeting I called just before Christmas to discuss with my staff the original photo in The Guardian.

“That’s the long and short of it. Hey ho! I’ve scheduled another staff meeting for the evening of 31 December in Downing Street to discuss this latest photo and that meeting should finish sometime after midnight,” Mr Johnson said.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Australians should not be concerned about escalating tensions with China.

But he has advised them to buy sufficient gas masks for their family members and to practise air raid drills just in case.

Mr Morrison said he would not be imposing a gas mask mandate but instead said it was “highly recommended” that Australians wear one once war broke out.


Major supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths say they are responding to consumer demand by bringing forward the date on which Easter-style hot-cross buns will be available in their stores.

Statements issued by both retailers said they were taking action that would respond to criticisms levelled against them for selling hot-cross buns immediately after Boxing Day.

The statements said both chains interpreted the criticisms as meaning consumers were seeking earlier access to the buns.

To that end both supermarkets would not be waiting until 27 December 2022 to sell the buns but in future would make them available on the first Tuesday after the first full moon that occurs on or after the March equinox.

“That means the delicious and popular treats will be available from Tuesday 19 April next year, Tuesday 11 April 2023, and Tuesday 2 April 2024 with future dates to be advised,” the identical statements said.