To be boats, Smoko!

The Bug’s Tweet of the Week judging panel has never witnessed a frenzy like the one created in response to Scott Morrison’s “You’re on your own; you’ve got to learn how to live and die with COVID” sales pitch of the past week.

Washing his hands of any responsibility, Freedom Man wrapped his whole spiel around a media call during which the dopey dunce wrongly claimed there were no mandates on sunscreens and hats and stubbornly refused to use the M.. Maa ..Ma…. Mask word. No mandates, eh? Try telling that to schoolkids and building-site workers.

The Twitterverse burst out loud with great humour about that statement, some slamming selfish arseholes down on the beach who refused to use sunscreen lotion, which meant many of the beachgoers around them ended up getting sunburnt. Very funny stuff which exposed Smoko as a bloke who doesn’t think much about the merits or otherwise of anything he’s about to say.

As there were a number of tweets on that theme, our judges finally settled on this effort that had Morrison all at sea in a slightly different context (above) from Elaine McKay @ElaineM11584892

What a wonderful putdown of Morrison, both for the selfishness of making sure he was well and truly protected before shouting “let it rip!” and what the man would have done on the Titanic. Spot on, Elaine! All bullies are also cowards and we at The Bug, just like you, could see Smoko in a lifeboat, in a floral dress and a lovely lilac bonnet.

In fact, let’s have one more from Elaine, that explains her hostility to our moronic, mendacious, leader.

Someone else who didn’t mince words about Freedom Man was an old favourite of The Bug‘s, one Bruce Haigh @bruce_haigh

Ouch, Bruce!

Back briefly to Smoko’s stupid “no mandates on hats and sunscreen” comment. No prize won @noozchoozy provided this short, sharp, retort.

Others reacting to this central theme of the week were Rob Walls etc etc AZ @RobWalls, Kailas Wild and marquelawyers @marklawyers

A silver-tongued Cathy etc etc etc etc @Cathy1691 reflected on the workings of the National Cabinet. Thank you, Cathy.

Several of our selected tweets for the week mused on Smoko’s ongoing faux election campaign. Well done, Bee etc etc etc @BelindaJone… and Struthsayer etc etc…..

Rodney McClure @McClureRodney cleverly combined the coronavirus pandemic with a little dig at how overall job numbers are manipulated by Morrison and his ministers.

And one that sounded just a bit leftish but we decided to use it anyway was this offering from Kerrie B @wheels002

Mark Davis @PoroMark caught our eye with this one…..

…. and while The Bug‘s Tweets of the Week eschews celebrities as much as we try to eschew eschew, let’s leave the final, rather depressing but horribly perspicacious thought to Jonathan Green etc etc @GreenJ