Houston, we have a problem

Aunty, Aunty, Aunty…. what on earth were you thinking?!

While the Media Glass House is firmly committed to the basic tenet of our legal system, namely that one is innocent until proven guilty, was there any logical reason why the ABC’s 7pm Christmas Day bulletin would feature an image of Pastor Brian Houston of Sydney’s Hillsong Church?

As far as the MGH knows – and we admit four of our five research hubs housed in mezzanines 2, 4 and 7 are closed down for Xmas-New Year – the Hillsong founder still faces a charge of concealing information about historical child sexual abuse by his kiddy-fiddling father.

The 67-year-old’s lawyer has entered a not guilty plea to the charge.

But there he was on reporter Brad Ryan’s national wrap-up of Xmas Day services around the nation, coming across all caring and decent in explaining why the Hillsong Sydney services had to be held online because “it was the best thing to do seeing there was some sickness among our team”.

While the MGH’s heart went out to the enormous loss of income Hillsong would have suffered through not having worshipers present for the various services throughout the day to buy music and spiritual CDs, the full-colour Brian and Bobbie Houston family pop-up book series, other merchandise and to fill the velvet-lined donation buckets passed around the giant auditorium, we do ask those in charge at the ABC news division: why on earth, let alone in heaven, give the man oxygen?

At least Brad Ryan didn’t mention Houston by name. All the other God-botherers with funny hats from various denominations were clearly identified but not the wealthy Hillsong founder. Too embarrassing?

But the reporter wasn’t finished there. He moved onto Hillsong’s Melbourne services where the faithful could mingle in person to have their wallets lightened, and the clip included comments from two happy and lovely looking young couples.

Was there a subliminal message there? Hillsong is the church of the future while worshipers at Anglican and Catholic cathedrals around the nation are falling sideways into the nave and aisles, suddenly struck dead, not by God’s hand, but by old age?

The MGH could also quibble with why ABC news gave such prominent space in the first place anyway to a wacky Pentecostal religion whose prosperity doctrine seems to run entirely contrary to JC’s teachings and one that covered just over one per cent of Australians back in 2016.

It’s no doubt grown since then because one seems to be born every minute in Australia and the church does throw together some amazing music and spiritual CDs, books, etc that are simply to buy for. Besides, money is so vital when you have a Manhatten building that needs renovating.

The MGH suspects the Hillsong content aired on Aunty last night might have all been sent in by that organisation.

After all, their marketing prowess is unchallenged and is thought to be inversely proportional to their ability to share their congregations’ offerings with the poor – those lost souls who have not shown their love of the good Lord Jesus above by becoming well off just like our prime minister has.

These wastrels most certainly will not be given the co-ordinates for the looming Rapture liftoff.