PM pretending to care draws ire

Look, before we declare this week’s best Tweets of the Week, can we just make something perfectly clear.

We’re a satirical site getting stuck into, more often than not, this shocking far-right-wing, openly corrupt federal government we’re burdened with at the moment. And, sure, we’re a bit leftwing anyway.

But if you want to see something different – that you think is more balanced – then start your own fucking, costly, time-consuming site, okay? Ring Michaela Cash; she might clown fund it for you.

Anyway, the envelopes please.

We couldn’t go past this offering from The Angry Goddess @Bishop64.

TAG gets our top award this week for showing up Smoko for exactly who he is.

Another Bugger riffing on photo opportunities from El Presidente …. sorry, the Prime Minister, was Bronwyn Clark @BronwynHill1

It was this image in particular – with the PM also shamelessly pitching his message to Australian men who like holding hands – lots of luck there! – that sparked this exchange among Patrick Van Der Werf @patrickofthewerf, Nordic but Nice @maire19 and Lute – No Longer the Good Girl @axelated

Lute – etc, etc, – countless Australians share the anguished despair so evident in your missive. Please make this shit show end. indeed! We know. We know. You are not alone.

During the week, the PM’s bizarre comment about having stared down the coronavirus was still resonating, with these offerings from Emma @emma_jayne14, Kate @katea76 and Dr Sheep Person aka Underclass Prole @noplaceforsheep

There was also a lot of Twitter traffic about the newish NSW Premier’s adoption of the “let it rip” philosophy to COVID-19 that Morrison has had from the get-go and is now re-embracing as he searches desperately for a campaign theme. You are not alone, Jarrad Hall @CdrHBiscuitlll. Some of the rather elderly folk who put out The Bug, juiced up as they are with AZ, are shitting themselves over what’s coming across the border.

And let’s end with a little bit of pre-Christmas cheer and inspirational thinking, thanks to Jo but with tinsel @MoarToast !