Here we go yet again

We’ve just about lost count of the number of times our Media Glass House research teams have complained through this column about the weekly columns penned by Vikki Campion for News Crap Australia outlets.

The complaints have not been so much about what she says as a paid commentator, but what News Crap Australia doesn’t say about her.

Ms Campion often writes about federal politics, the goings-on in the Coalition government, and issues dear to the heart of conservative voters, especially those who vote for the Nationals or those the Nationals may want to attract to their cause at any given election.

As this column has repeatedly stated, Ms Campion is entitled to do all of that, even if she may be viewed as a tad biased given that she is partnered with the federal leader of the Nationals and Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce.

What the MGH has numerous times pointed to and complained about is the blatant lack of any advice to readers that these personal links exist.

We think she might be safer to avoid writing on politics entirely, but it’s her column and if she wishes to do so at least readers should be aware of facts that may or may not have influenced the views she is expressing.

It would be a simple case of inserting a disclosure line pointing out her personal circumstances and links to Mr Joyce at the end of any column to make sure readers are fully informed and can make their own minds up about whether she is biased in her expressed views or not.

So it was with rising anger that our researchers read Ms Campion’s column in Saturday’s News Crap Australia papers. (main picture)

In it she chose to tackle the report by Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Kate Jenkins, reviewing the Federal Parliament’s work place practices and protections, or lack thereof, when it comes to sexual discrimination, harassment, abuse. and sex crimes.

It doesn’t take long for Ms Campion’s column to recite her own experiences that allegedly included being urged “by staff” when pregnant to have an abortion “to protect the senior leadership”.

She goes on to lambast the office of former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull for backgrounding and leaking and lying to the media against her.

All terrible stuff if true. But in all of her column not a word of Barnaby. Not a line to put into context her comments about her treatment and the serious allegations she makes.

And yes, once again, there’s no simple disclosure at the end of the column that indicate that News Corp Australia has any editorial standards left.


Speaking of News Crap Australia, as we often do, our MGH teams were struck by the different treatments given to a headline in what appears to be a shared template page of foreign news that appeared during the past week in several metro turdbloids and regional papers.

The headline was on a story about the court appearance of under-age sex fiend the late Jeffrey Epstein’s offsider Ghislaine Maxwell in a US court.

Some of Rupert’s turdbloids ran a fairly straight headline on their stories such as this…..

While a couple of others couldn’t resist what we suspect was the original headline included in the  template page sent to them……

Certainly there’s a time and place for puns in newspaper headlines. We all know that.

But clearly some people don’t know that child sexual assault cases are neither that time nor that place.