Gladys ready to make a run for it

Former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian has confirmed that she will stand at the next federal election as the Liberal Party’s  candidate in Warringah, the seat of former prime minister Tony Abbott now held by Independent MP Zali Steggall.

Ms Berejiklian revealed her plans at a news conference held at the former Parramatta Prison west of Sydney where the party is wargaming its tactics for her campaign for the seat (main picture).

The news conference lasted only long enough for Ms Berejiklian to acknowledge that her plans to enter the Federal Parliament would naturally depend on the outcome of the NSW ICAC inquiry into her behaviour.

She said she was ready to “make a run for it” depending on ICAC’s findings but was also mentally prepared to spend time in the “big house”.

Ms Berejiklian then began rattling a tin cup along the bars of her cell, effectively drowning out further questions.


Unpublished polling by the Liberal Party is believed to confirm the effectiveness of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s recent and repeated line about the desire by Australian voters to “get the government out of their lives”.

It is understood that the polling of a national sample of voters showed close to 80% of voters on all sides of politics agreeing with the statement: “Yes, I can’t wait to get the Morrison Government and the bare-faced liar leading it out of my life.”


Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise host Matt Doran has issued the second apology in as many days related to his failure to listen to the latest album by UK singer Adelle before being flown to London for an Australian exclusive interview with her.

After delivering a lengthy apology on air on Saturday, Mr Doran repeated the performance this morning but this time he apologised to ABC News reporter Matt Doran for any confusion his stupidity and lack of professionalism had caused his namesake.