New face at Sky News

SYDNEY: Sky News is already set to fill the gap in its schedule left by the sudden departure of veteran right-wing commentator Alan Jones.

A source within the subscription TV service said auditions were held just hours after it was announced that Jones was no longer part of the Sky “after dark” line-up.

“When I say auditions, there were just two applicants who both forcibly entered the building and made their way to the office of CEO Paul Whittaker to demand the job,” the source said.

“The first – a woman called Alanna Johns (main picture) – impressed Paul with her illogical and fact-free attacks on Labor and Greens politicians, Greta Thunberg and climate change, black lives matter, the stolen generations, and a range of other issues.

“The other was a bloke called Jonas Allen (pictured). His blatantly pro-Liberal commentary, rather than his illogical and fact-free attacks on Labor and Greens politicians, Greta Thunberg etc, was what impressed Paul the most.

“In the end Paul had a genius idea and later rang both of them to outline his proposal for them to host a brand new ‘after dark’ show alongside Peta Credlin.

“He was taken aback when both of them totally rejected the idea of an ‘after-dark threesome’, as Jonas put it.

“There should be an announcement soon and I’d put my money on Alanna Johns being picked after she offered to return to the Sky offices and present some oral arguments to Paul,” the source said.


CANBERRA: Speculation is growing here about a possible challenge to Prime Minister Scott Morrison after his disastrous European sojourn to the G20 in Rome and COP26 in Glasgow.

The Bug understands Mathias Cormann is taking time out from his job as Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and is now winging his way back to Australia to count the numbers for a possible challenge to the PM from Queensland MP and Defence Minister Peter Dutton.

Mr Cormann told The Bug: “We’re about to leave Singapore at 10pm local time here and with a two-hour time difference and an eight-hour flight, we should land in Sydney around 4pm.”


MELBOURNE: Producers at ABC TV’s News Breakfast program here have defended their decision to extend today’s program to four hours.

“It was the only way we could fit in the video of Cleo Smith saying ‘My name is Cleo’ the 36 times we wanted to,” a producer’s aide explained.