Subtle but packing a punch!

Okay, who said The Bug‘s Tweet of the Week judges don’t do subtle and clever?

Okay, okay! Quite a few of you then!

But those very same judges are out to prove they can change by announcing this week’s winner as no other than … and the envelope, please … Hon. Dumb Blonde @thetopjob

And what a clever and sophisticated wordsmith she is!

Hug your Phil today indeed! Going to be a tough day for the little fella. Forget the double entendre … there’s a double putdown right there.

She is referring of course to The Australian Financial Review “journalist” Phillip Coorey and what sort of day Coorey could expect on the first day that ex-Premier Gladys “The Woman Who Saved Australia” Berejiklian was due to give a stand-out sit-down comedy performance before the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

In just a few short words without even saying it, Hon. Dumb Blonde has smeared a certain article by Coorey in the AFR magazine with a big, smelly pile of sarcasm and rubbed his face right in it.

If we decide to have a Tweet of the Year award, we think Hon. Dumb Blonde is well in the running!

Hug your Phil today! Sheer genius. And last Friday The Bug hopes we all did.

A certain Phil needed all the help and support a sympathetic nation could muster.

Another Tweet favourite of ours – RonniSalt @RonniSalt – also reflected on Our Glad’s “I almost didn’t remember or recall that I had to be here today” ICAC triumph.

Of course, ICAC wasn’t the only show in or out of town this past week, with our wonderful federal government seeking to bring in voter ID to try to put an end to fraudulent voting that has never, ever been a problem before.

So well done to Mr Denmore @MrDenmore and Nate cochrane @natecochrane

And this one from Robyn @robynbryant33

Of course the other big story of the week was our Liar in Chief taking to the international stage and rubbing shoulders with other (sic) world leaders only days after he cobbled together a net-zero emissions by 2050 non-policy.

His Plan with a capital P obviously did not impress Au Purr , Fully vaccinated @ricklevy67 who took the opportunity to mix some tough text talking with a really nice little graphic.

On the same theme but taking aim at certain Morrison government pollies who have said some really, really moronic things about wind farms not working at night was Je Suis Independent. Prole Always @geeksrulz

And here’s just a few others that we liked over the past week or so. Enjoy.