PM gets another dream run

If anyone wants a glimpse of what our media landscape would look like if one of Rupert Murdoch’s dreams came true, cast your eyes over the coverage given by his outlets to the current feud between Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and French President Emmanuel Macron.

As we all know, M Macron is a tad put out, to put it mildly, about the way the PM handled the scrapping of the contract with a French government-backed company to build a new submarine fleet for the Royal Australian Navy and instead sign up Australia to buy nuclear subs under a new alliance with the USA and the UK.

The French President has effectively called Mr Morrison a liar and the PM has launched a counter attack to defend himself.

In the process he has cast M Macron’s comments as an attack on Australia, which they were not.

In addition supposedly highly confidential material has made its way into the media – well, when we say “media” it’s actually been leaked to Rupert’s News Crap Australia outlets – in a bid to cast M Macron as the one not telling the truth or at least not acknowledging all the facts.

It’s a classic “he said, he said” situation. A case of claim and counter-claim.

But what do Rupert’s turdbloids and broadshits do with the information leaked to them?

His metro turdbloids do this……

…. and Rupert’s flagship, the national broadshit The Australian, does this…….

Far from straight reporting of competing claims by two national leaders, News Crap Australia is once again acting as the PR agency for Scott Morrison.

All of the turdbloid stories and The Oz front page story and headline leave readers in no doubt that Mr Morrison is right.

The Oz declares as fact that the PM has sunk the allegation that he lied to M Macron.

It doesn’t say he has defended himself against the French President’s insinuation, or fought back against the allegation.

No. Rupert’s broadshit presents a headline and a story making it clear that it is an unchallenged fact that Mr Morrison is right and M Macron is wrong.

So, as we said at the start of this MGH, welcome to Rupert’s preferred world – a world where major media organisations don’t present facts for readers to judge for themselves but instead take one side and declare a winner in any argument.

Imagine if Rupert’s dream became a reality and his persistent campaign to destroy the independent Australian Broadcasting Corporation came true.

As we have noted before, the ABC is a government-funded (more correctly, taxpayer-funded) news organisation.

But it is a national broadcaster. Pubic funding does not mean it is a government broadcaster as the PM and many others in the Liberal and National parties think it should be.