PM off to Glasgow then Las Vegas

National Party leader Barnaby Joyce will be Australia’s Acting Prime Minister for at least the first half of 2022 to allow Scott Morrison to perform his new magic act at a Las Vegas casino showroom.

I can reveal that the Prime Minister’s Office will this morning issue a statement outlining the arrangements after Mr Morrison was a winner in an episode of the popular global TV show Penn and Teller Fool Us.

Mr Morrison flew overnight to the USA on board an RAAF VIP jet to appear on the program which is built around the veteran American magicians Penn Jillette and Ray Teller who try to guess the techniques behind the acts of guest performers.

If they fail to fathom the workings of an act, the performer is deemed to have fooled them and wins a six-month stint as a support act in their Las Vegas show.

Contacts in the US entertainment industry allowed me to watch a live feed of the taping of an episode in the latest series of Penn and Teller Fool Us as Mr Morrison presented his new act, The Plan to Deliver Net Zero.

Mr Morrison performed the new magic act which he has been rehearsing and will present in Glasgow at the end of this month.

During his routine Mr Morrison enlisted the help of  Fool Us host Alyson Hanningan (main picture) and worked up to his big reveal of zero net carbon emissions by 2050.

In his comments on Mr Morrison’s act, Penn Jillette said it was “a master class in sleight of hand, misdirection, and obfuscation”.

“There’s no way Teller and I can work out how you achieve net-zero by 2050 under your plan,” he said before adding, “So you fooled us.”

A clearly moved Teller, who normally remains silent throughout his long-standing double act with Jillette, was seen to exclaim “Brilliant. Just brilliant” as the live audience rose to its feet to applaud the PM’s effort.

Later, after leaving the stage and clutching his Fool Us trophy, Mr Morrison spoke to me via the live link to say he was looking forward to appearing in Las Vegas next year.

He said he had no concerns about being away from Australia for six months or leaving Mr Joyce in charge of the nation.

“It does mean I will need to rethink the timing of the next election but I’m sure Penn and Teller will give me time off to campaign if necessary,” he said.

“I have no qualms about Barnaby being in charge. After all he is 100% behind my new act and he also now has Keith Pitt in the cabinet to lend his support.”