Porter pong lingers on…

Although some wonderful and sassy observations on the Nationals’ dithering, blithering deliberations over climate change policy came in right at the end of the judging period, The Bug couldn’t go past the lingering, putrifying stench of the Christian Porter saga in selecting this week’s winner.

Especially after the Morrison government trashed long-standing parliamentary tradition and practice – and virtually moved a no-confidence motion against Speaker Smith in the process – when it refused permission for Porter’s “blind trust” to be examined by the privileges committee.

So it’s a well done to Janine Hendry @janine_hendry for her short, sharp and precise assessment (above) of what happened on Capital Hill this week that would be supported one hundred per cent by decent caring Australians everywhere but not a single person in the Morrison government ministry or backbench.

Backing Janine to the hilt was Michael Springer @MichaelSpring17

Which leads us back to the other big story of the week …. the time it took for the Nationals under the brilliant cheers!manship of The Beetrooter to come up with a form of weasel words that could match the flim-flammery of Smoko’s own weasel words to make it preferably possible for the PM not to be laughed out of Glasgow. Well, not on the first morning, anyway.

We particularly liked this analysis from The Slurrie Family @SlurrieFamily

Taking a different tack but showing how nice she is when it comes to caring about other people’s health and wellbeing was cmdibley @cmdibley

And we couldn’t leave out some of the Twitterverse’s best tweeters so here’s a few of our all-time favourites and their observations….RonniSalt @RonniSalt

And does she or doesn’t she pour tea? … Coalition Tea Lady @ItsBouquet

And while we normally eschew mainstream media types, we will give Amy Remeikis @AmyRemeikas a run for this very clever pisstake…

And just as a reminder that our judges do like them short, here’s Steve Hall @stevehallsydney