Which came first?

If anyone swallowed the line that News Crap Australia’s sudden embrace of the climate change cause is evidence of its conversion to a more factual and less politically divisive approach to environmental issues, they should think again.

Earlier this week readers of the Brisbane turdbloid, The Courier-Mail saw for themselves that there is plenty of scope within News Crap’s “Mission Zero” campaign to bait serious environmentalists and keep its stable of far right-wing commentators happy.

All it took was for Queensland’s right-wing coal-fired National Party Senator Matt Canavan to throw the nuclear grenade into the zero-emissions argument and, hey presto, Sky News after-dark host Chris Kenny had a special show all about the nuke option as a clean alternative to traditional fossil fuel-generated power.

Or was it the other way around? Did Senator Canavan have a hint about the program and thought he’d jump on the bandwagon knowing he could leverage publicity through the Murdoch media machine?

A true chicken and egg situation which goes to prove that, ever the political and commercial opportunists, Rupert Murdoch’s right-wing gang hasn’t changed its editorial slant at all even though they are no doubt using more green ink than ever on their news pages.

As if on cue – well, right on cue – News Crap columnist Vikki Campion today devoted her weekly opinion piece to the nuclear power issue and Senator Canavan’s call. (pictured)

You recall Ms Campion. She’s a National Party operative and partner of the party’s national leader Barnaby Joyce. But, as usual, no mention of any of that in her column.

The more things change…. you know the rest.


Speaking of The Courier-Mail, readers obviously can’t get enough of the turdbloid.

Which is maybe one reason the same page was published twice in today’s edition, or at least in the online facsimile edition our Media Glass House teams receive here at The Bug HQ. (pictured)


We mentioned the commercial and political opportunism of News Crap Australia in the first item of this column.

Another perfect example is provided by the federal government-funded (that’s taxpayer-funded to you and me) advertisements now appearing in Rupert’s rags with a very simple message about “official medical advice” declaring all COVID-19 vaccines safe after being “rigorously tested to Australia’s high safety standards”. (pictured)

These ads are obviously designed to counter the so-called vaccine hesitancy and even the hardcore antivax attitude prevalent among some sections of the community.

No doubt the bean counters at News Crap welcomed the news that the taxpayer was generously shelling out for this campaign.

But our MGH researchers can’t help but feel that perhaps the expensive new campaign might never have been needed if the very same News Crap had not willingly accepted and published Clive Palmer’s anti-vax ads for so many of the previous months.

And there is also no doubt that we may well see many, many more stories in coming weeks about continued vaccine hesitancy which would justify the continued running of the ads.

Funny how it always seems to be a win-win for Rupert, isn’t it?


There’s now little time left, perhaps none at all, for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to call an early federal election before the end of 2021.

But that hasn’t stopped the appearance in News Crap outlets of advertisements clearly designed to plug his government.

Ads have been appearing lately for one government-backed project, the construction of an inland rail link to move freight between Melbourne and Brisbane through NSW. (pictured)   

Well, when we say Brisbane we must admit that the end point, or the starting point depending on where you live, is still a matter of hot debate with some proponents seeking to have the inland line extended to the Queensland port of Gladstone for what they say are very sound reasons.

Let’s not forget that Barnaby Joyce, Deputy PM and Nationals’ leader has backed the Gladstone option.

The same Mr Joyce recently let the cat out of the bag by declaring the line to Gladstone would be an election promise. (pictured)

So the ads are running but they are not actually presenting all the facts and with no election this year they will obviously continue to run well into 2022 or until an election is called.

Makes you feel good to be a taxpayer, doesn’t it?