Nats deliver their demands


The federal National Party has delivered to the government its feedback on Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s proposed climate change plan.

Leader of the Nationals and Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, was joined by senior colleagues when he delivered his party’s response this morning. (main picture)

Mr Joyce refused to provide details of the response which appeared to observers to  consist entirely of a large empty brown paper bag.

“As National Party MPs I and my colleagues have been applying our usual scrutiny to this major public policy issue,” Mr Joyce said.

“We have spent a long time assessing the Prime Minister’s proposal against our National Party principles.

“Admittedly a lot of that time was taken up by explaining the concept of principles to some of our MPs.

“But I am leader of our party and as I have said all along on this issue, as leader it is my duty to follow my party room’s view. And there are differing views in our party room on the PM’s proposal.

“Some favour net zero, some don’t. But all of us see a chance to net billions of dollars in taxpayer funds for our electorates.

“I’m sure the PM will see reason and I’m sure that some of those billions of dollars might even find their way into emissions reduction schemes,” Mr Joyce said.