Sky moves into kids’ TV

Sky News plans to enter the children’s television market after the rejection of a bid by its “after dark” commentator Peta Credlin to replace Emma Watson in the popular children’s entertainment group The Wiggles.

“The Wiggles should be condemned for rejecting me and instead opting for a woke, politically correct replacement for Emma Watson as the Yellow Wiggle,” Ms Credlin told me.

Ms Watson this week announced she had decided to retire after 11 years as a lead member of the group and would be replaced by a young woman of colour, Ethiopian-born teenage dancer Tsehay Hawkins.

Ms Credlin told me she had sent The Wiggles management company an audition video in a bid to be chosen as the new Yellow Wiggle.

“But, as I expected, The Wiggles have opted for a woke replacement and have refused my application purely on the grounds that I can’t sing or dance,” she said.

“This is just political correctness gone mad and it’s clearly the fault of the ABC and the Labor Party….. and Dan Andrews.”

When I pointed out to Ms Credlin that the ABC and the Labor Party and the Victorian Premier had nothing to do with the decision by The Wiggles, Ms Credlin responded: “My point entirely. They have all abdicated responsibility and leadership on this very important issue.”

Sky News CEO Paul Whittaker told me the subscription TV service would now produce its own children’s TV program to be called The Wankers which would feature several of its “after dark” commentators. (main picture)

“We feel the time is right to move into children’s television,” Mr Whittaker said.

“We need to reach and educate and inform, in a fair and balanced way of course, future voters because, let’s face it, our traditional viewers and subscribers are literally dying out.

“That trend has accelerated as more of them embraced the anti-virus, anti-pandemic, and anti-vaccine propaganda the many of our commentators and their program guests have been espousing,” he said.