What’s she on about?

Readers who hang off every word of right-wing ranter Peta Credlin might have been a tad confused about her weekly column in The Australian yesterday. (main picture)

Ms Credlin started off by posing a questions to readers.

“How can something be dead wrong two years ago….but now be absolutely right?” she asked her fan. (pictured)

If she hadn’t inserted into the middle of that sentence a reference to Prime Minister Morrison’s apparent embrace of a net-zero target for limiting greenhouse gas emissions, people across the nation might have thought for a moment that she was referring to News Crap Australia’s own sudden about-face on the same issue.

Luckily she pens her column for The Australian which is apparently quarantined from the otherwise company-wide directive to start looking a lot more cuddly and green on the issue of climate change.


Our Media Glass House researchers advise that anyone seeking a job in the News Crap empire might just find a vacancy arising in sunny Brisbane.

This week it seems every morning turdbloid of the Murdoch media empire around the nation ran a “news” story about a new streaming service that aggregates a host of news feeds into one subscription-based feed called Flash.

It’s a new product that was given a big, big plug with big, big stories in just about every News Crap paper left in the country. (pictured)

Well, almost all.

While its sister publications in other cities and towns dutifully published the barely disguised advertisement as a page lead in their early news pages, Brisbane daily turdbloid The Courier-Mail went a little against the grain.

It stuck a rather truncated version of the story way back on page 22 with none of the big pictures or logos that decorated versions in other Rupert rags. (pictured)

That’s why our MGH teams think there may well be a vacancy arising at the Courier in a flash.