Nats back PM’s climate plan


Prime Minister Scott Morrison is set to fly to Glasgow to attend the UN Climate Change Conference after securing National Party support for his government’s emissions-reduction plan.

At a news conference in Canberra this morning, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Nationals, Barnaby Joyce, announced his party’s backing for the new plan which already has the support of the Liberal Party. (main picture)

“I am very pleased to give my and my party’s support to the Prime Minister’s not-zero by 2050 plan which satisfies all of the concerns various National Party MPs have been expressing in recent weeks,” Mr Joyce said.

“I was confident after being briefed by the Prime Minister about the plan that I could easily secure party room backing for it.”

Mr Morrison said he was looking forward to attending the Glasgow climate summit and outlining his not-zero plan, to be implemented preferably by 2050, to other (sic) world leaders.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office said now that Mr Morrison had the Nationals on side he would drop the fallback arrangements he had tentatively put in place to have Australia represented at the UN conference.

“When he thought he wouldn’t be going to Glasgow, the PM – being a marketing genius – had asked former prime minister Tony Abbott if he would go instead as the PM’s personal representative,” the spokesperson said.

“The PM – being a marketing genius – asked Tony to use the same speech he gave last week in Taiwan, but to perform a global ‘search and replace’ to substitute ‘climate change’ for ‘China’ throughout the text.

“But now that won’t be necessary. Tony’s a bit put out about being denied another international platform but, hey, shit happens,” the source said.