Business plan reflects reality


Just days after plans for a new budget domestic airline called Bonza (pictured) were announced another cut-price carrier is set to take to Australian skies, albeit briefly.

The backers of the latest entrant to the currently volatile and uncertain air travel market say they plan to do things very differently to Bonza.

“First of all we have opted for a less than traditional name by calling our airline ILA which is an acronym of In Liquidation Airlines,” a company spokesperson said.

“Second, shortly after we open for business with great fanfare we will be making an announcement to the ASX that we plan to shut down because we just can’t turn a quid in the current market conditions.

“These steps, outlined in our business plan, also helped us shape our new airline’s slogan: ‘Fly ILA while you can.’

“Our business plan is a very practical document reflecting the realities of the market in the pandemic era and it clearly differentiates us from Bonza which will take to the air but then struggle for weeks, maybe months at most, before shutting its doors for good.

“We’re being a bit smarter than that and we plan to save a lot of time and angst for our shareholders by making moves towards filing for administration, then rapidly move to declaring bankruptcy and liquidation almost as soon as our first scheduled flight takes off, and possibly before it lands at its destination.

“We think shareholders will very much appreciate the tactic because we can minimise what will be their inevitable losses.

“We think the insufficient number of paying customers we attract will also see the benefits in having us rapidly shut down our new venture, even though it will mean those who’ve booked and paid for tickets beyond our first day or two of operation won’t be able to receive any refunds.

“We reckon they will see the upside in having no more passengers than absolutely necessary lose money or being stranded at their destination carrying useless return-flight tickets,” the spokesperson said.