Sharma’s nose best … you can bet on it!

SYDNEY: Online gambling site SportsBet is defending its decision to continue offering long odds on the chances of a snap November federal election despite some mainstream media chatter suggesting that Prime Minister Scott Morrison might be tempted to go down that path.

“We’re certainly keeping an eye on things,” a SportsBet spokesperson told The Bug, “but we’re fairly confident our current odds of 21-1 are pretty much spot on (odds shown above as at 7.30am Thursday).

“Of course, our calculations will change very very quickly if anyone puts some sizable hard-earned on a snap November poll, especially if it’s Dave Sharma.”


MELBOURNE: A tearful Lisa Millar has slammed critics on social media who are accusing her of right-wing bias when reporting politics as co-host of the ABC’s News Breakfast program.

“Their accusations are hurtful, totally wrong, insulting and above all ignorant,” Ms Millar told The Bug in an exclusive interview.

“As a child growing up in Gympie, I suffered terrible back injuries when I fell from a jungle gym at Kilkivan State School. As a result, I’ve leaned to the left ever since.” (pictured below).

“Only people with an IQ barely capable of sustaining life could look at their TV screens and think I’m actually leaning to the right.

“So here’s my advice to those latte-sipping woke Greenies and socialists in our decaying, locked-down cities who are always getting stuck into me.

“They should be forced to spend some time in the country to get an appreciation of how tough life really can be! Then they might appreciate why the Nationals are the natural party for rural and regional Australians!

“And so help me, if Australia doesn’t open up soon, this country will face economic ruin, even with the natural party of good strong stable government – the only side of politics that can manage economies well – in power!

“So let’s just bloody well open Australia so taxi drivers can enjoy a VB standing up!”