Bolts tyro sorry for drug scandal

Star Brisbane Bolts outside left-flank snurler Ari Gant has made a tearful public apology after being exposed naked on mobile phone footage with a small bag of cocaine in his possession.

At a news conference he attended with CEO of the Brisbane Bolts, Terry Verandah, the teenage rookie apologised to his fellow team members.

“No-one else is involved in this. It is solely on me. I put my hand up – I should never have done it. It is a mistake I made,” Gant said of the viral video showing him nude and consuming the bag of drugs in a hotel room.

“I should never have kept a bag of coke all to myself. It doesn’t matter that it was just a small bag. I know I should have shared it with the boys.

“Sharing hard drugs is a team-building thing just like sharing alcohol, food or sex partners, whether they are male, female, human, or animal.

“It’s just what we do. I’ve let the team down,” Gant said before becoming emotional and unable to continue.

At that stage the club’s CEO intervened to explain how the video footage which led to Gant’s arrest (main picture) came to light.

“Look, I’ll explain it just once to you bowel-infesting bacteria masquerading as journos,” Verandah began.

“Young Gant here was in the hotel room and set up his mobile phone to film a consensual – and bloody expensive might I add – sex act with a couple of professional… shall we say, therapists.

“He told me that before they turned up he thought he’d get in the mood and had a snort or two of the white….”

At that point Gant whispered in Verandah’s ear and the club CEO then corrected his remarks.

“Sorry, he told me that before the therapists turned up he thought he’d get in the nude and had a snort or two of the white powder from the bag he had on the coffee table,” Verandah said.

“He also uploaded the footage of himself to his social media channels. Force of habit, is how he explains that.”

Verandah reacted angrily to questions about whether Gant would be disciplined.

“Disciplined? What sort of brain-dead shit-eating syphilitic dung beetles are you?” he said to the reporters present.

“He should get a medal for fessing up in the heroic way he’s done here today. There’s a good chance he’ll be made team captain after this.

“Discipline? Don’t make me fucking laugh you lumps of dog shit on legs,” he yelled while grabbing and smashing a glass water jug on the table in front of him and swinging the broken vessel wildly at reporters and calling an end to the news conference.

When contacted, head coach of The Bolts, Jack Saunders, dismissed concerns about Gant’s behaviour.

“It was just a bit of high-jinks,” he said. “Just some good natured horseplay.

And The Bolts’ honorary solicitor Dicky Shearman JP* later gave reporters who phoned him his bank account details and explained how each answer to any questions they posed would cost $600 upfront, excluding GST.

Disclaimer: The Bug has been a long-term supporter and sponsor of the Brisbane Bolts.

*Junior Pass.