Rebel MP fights lockdown charges


Controversial former federal Liberal Party MP Craig Kelly has been arrested and charged by police for allegedly breaching strict COVID-19 pandemic lockdown rules in place across NSW.

Mr Kelly said he would be fighting the charges which were laid after he organised and spoke at what police said was a large gathering in a park in the southern Sydney suburb of Sutherland in his electorate of Hughes. (main picture)

Mr Kelly left the Liberals in February to sit as an independent on the crossbench where he continued to promote anti-climate change views and to criticise government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last month he joined and was named federal leader of the United Australia Party operated by Queensland businessman and former MP Clive Palmer.

Speaking to The Bug by telephone from his electorate office, Mr Kelly said he would be fighting the charges.

“I want to make it clear that I was holding a totally lawful meeting as I am allowed to do under the law. It was definitely not an anti-vaccine or anti-lockdown or anti-anything gathering,” he said.

“All I did was ask my electorate secretary to arrange a meeting for me with the former leader of Clive’s party, but when a couple of hundred of them turned up we found they couldn’t all fit into the office so we went to a nearby park.

“This is yet another example of jackbooted overkill by so-called governments and the so-called police which we are now apparently meant to accept as part of the so-called fight against a so-called pandemic caused by a so-called virus,” Mr Kelly said.

The always right wing MP added that The Bug should make it clear to readers that, although we could not see him, he was using two forefingers on both of his hands to put quotation marks around the words “governments”, “police”, fight”, “pandemic”, “and “virus”.