Lord Downer, you precious thing, you!

Let’s keep the announcement of this week’s winner of our coveted non-trophy for just a little while as we rejoice in some particularly pointed posts aimed at ‘Curley’ – ‘Old Darling’ – and we refer to none other than Lord Downer of Pout House in the Adelaide Hills.

Buggers will know that The Bug has happily taken the mickey out of this anachronistic fop for many years and the Twitterverse didn’t miss him at the weekend when the dearheart posted the message shown at top and in this wonderful blast below from Riff Raff @RichardAOB.

Well done, Riff Raff. OUCH!

Then there was Narelle @narelleford who issued a timely health warning to Lord Downer.

And on a slightly more political level, Jaqueline Outram @JaquelineOutram menioned a part of the world affected by Lord Downer’s excellent term as Australia’s longest serving Foreign Minister.

Let’s get off Lord Downer for now, although he’ll probably hate it if we do that.

Another tweet that caught our fancy – seeing we also love taking the mickey out of the nation’s mainstream mediocre – is this one from Sabrina Balfour @SpottyBalfour. The best satire is when something that should sound the silliest of suggestions sort of makes sense.

Well done, Spotty.

You all now know that The Bug is very partial to personal attacks against any pollie within the Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison governments who turned nasty personal attacks on Labor people into a taxpayer-funded artform over the past eight miserable years.

And while we normally won’t tolerate attacks on the spouses/families of politicians, we’ll make an exception in this case as we announce the Tweet of the Week winner, The Slurrie Family @SlurrieFamily.

The Slurries cleverly struck a chord with two of our favourite things – the shittiest government and the shittiest mainstream media this nation has had to suffer in a long, long time.