Questions over Biden’s health

The bungling of the US’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and its chaotic response to the rapid rise of and return to government by the Taliban is causing questions to be asked in Washington DC about the health of US President Joe Biden.

Reporters covering the White House have in recent days been speculating about the President’s fitness for office with some raising the possibility that the 78-year-old Biden is more frail than his minders are letting on.

“I started to have doubts about the President’s state of health when the White House press office began scheduling his news conferences in one of the building’s huge ballrooms,” one senior reporter explained on condition of anonymity.

“They claim it is because it makes it easier to impose social distancing requirements.

“But it also means we have a lot of trouble actually seeing the President from our seats positioned a long, long way from his lectern.

“He has also taken to wearing a COVID-19 pandemic mask for the duration of the news conferences yet even from a distance I couldn’t see that his mouth was actually moving when he was speaking.

“Come to think of it, his voice sounds different to what it did just a few weeks ago.

“I also questioned his staff about why the President is already standing at the lectern when reporters are ushered into the ballroom, and why he stays there until we leave.

“They said they’d get back to me on both issue but I’ve heard nothing so far.”

Another senior reporter said she had used her mobile phone to take a long-distance photo of the President during a news conference which appeared to reveal strings on his fingers rising to the ceiling. (main picture)

“When I questioned the White House press officers about it they said I was mistaken and that it was probably just cobwebs. But I have my doubts,” she said.