Where there’s Smoko, there’s ire!

The Bug never gets tired of dropping hints to wanna-be winners of our coveted Tweet-of-the-Week award that any post that has a dig at the mendacious, faux-marketer moron currently masquerading as prime minister has a good chance of success.

And so we say congratulations to Bruce Nielsen @ bronbruce649 for this astute observation on Smoko’s natural ability to throw out there regularly a redhot porky with not a skerrick – not a mouse dropping’s weight – of truth to it.

And Bruce ends his tweet with a short sharp comment that shows the rhetorical question is not done for just yet as a cutting literary device.

You should also know by now we’re rather partial to short, sharp tweets that hit home. Well done, Lindy Edwards @DR_L_Edwards for this nice little dig at The Spud with Dead Eyes.

Or, for that matter, a tweet that takes aim at any Morrison government MPs! Thank you Kenny Devine @TheKennyDevine

And we naturally get drawn to any entry that lampoons the superstars of the nation’s mainstream mediocre. Well done, Louise Bertram @LouiseBertram1 for this.