Meme gets things perfectly right!

Whoever said a picture paints a thousand words got it perfectly right, The Bug reckons.

So for the first time in its unlong history, The Bug‘s Tweet of the Week goes to a hard-hitting effort with not a single word but a wonderful image of the Father of our Nation and Australian Financial Review scribe, Phil Torey. (above)


As with a lot of memes that hit the Twitterverse, the creator’s identity is often hard to uncover so they can be recognised and praised openly for their brilliant efforts. If someone lets us know who created this, we’ll give due credit and a round of applause in next week’s awards.

Other tweets that our judges enjoyed this past week include jibes at the Dirty Digger Rupert Murdoch and attacks (and Buggers should know by now that we prefer very personal ones) against Morrison government liars, lightweights, layabouts and ladies men.

And our nod to Duncan Watson @duncanWatson8 has nothing to do with the fact that he was responding to one of our tweets online with this effort.

And while we’re on about that flaccid-arsed, ethically bereft, criminally inclined, money-hungry, self-serving octogenarian New York cunt whose interests are never those of the Australian people, Dr Queen Victoria @Vic_Rollison gave us a timely reminder never to underestimate the damage that Yank can do.

A tweet that came in too late to be considered for this week’s award was a disgraceful effort from Queensland coalminer Matt Canavan. Luckily, though, bradpsychology @bradpsychology had the sooty-faced Canavan in his sights already. Short, sharp, nasty and oh so accurate.

And can The Bug Tweet of the Week awards go by without a mention for The Father of our Nation and the Best Wartime Leader Australia Might Still Soon Have If Peter Dutton Has His Way? Of course not.

So here’s thanks to Annie W @AnnieWi96910364!